The 100-Hour Workweek: NEVER Escape Your Job, Live Alone, and Join the New Poor

Posted on 23. Aug, 2007 by in Business Advice

Welcome to The 100-Hour Workweek: NEVER Escape Your Job, Live Alone, and Join the New Poor.

I am sure you have heard of the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss… well I am going to show you how to be so un-productive that you will need to work a 100 hour week just to pay the bills.

I will show you how:

* You can get stuck in a dead-end job for life

* Live alone in crappy shared accommodation

* Be a member of the new poor

* Be pitied by everyone you meet

* & much more…

Lesson 1: DON’T use technology such as PDAs to help you become more efficient and organised. You can’t be bothered learning how to use a PDA? Perfect, now you can stay un-organised for life. Welcome to the world of 100 hour workweeks.

Lesson 2: Try and force yourself to be creative, even if you cannot. Are you having one of those days where you have writer’s block and a lack of creativity? You could simply move to another task and come back to it when you are ready, but if you want to enter the world of 100 hour workweeks then you should get more and more stressed and force yourself to be creative, even if this means staring a the screen for hours.

Lesson 3: Spend as much time as possible at sites like and Your employer would be so impressed when they hear that you ahve been spending 3 hours per day on YouTube, I bet they will promote you to a 100 hour workweek in no time. Well done! Always remember, YouTube MUST come before doing something useful.

Lesson 4: Don’t do anything outside your comfort zone. Going outside your comfort zone is scary, it is probably best to stay in your comfort zone and not push yourself.

Lesson 5: NEVER have fun. There is a reason it is called “work”, if you truly want to join the “new poor” then you should aim to find a job that will bore you. The more repetitive the better.

Congratulations, you are now 5 steps closer to being trapped in the world of 100 hour workweeks. Follow these 5 simple steps and you to can have a heart attack before you reach 50, and with any luck you will be able to retire at 86.

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  1. Sterling

    23. Aug, 2007

    Lesson #6: Blame others. Blame everyone and everything on why you have a 100 hour work week. Some great examples of who to blame: Your Government, your spouse, the rich, the joneses, the Hamburgler, time, the pope, your parents, the product you bought but didn’t do anything with, Dean Hunt

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  2. Sterling

    23. Aug, 2007

    Lesson #7: Give Up. What where you thinking, trying to make your life exceptional? Use the “4 hour work week” as a coaster while you watch your favorite TV shows and forget about all this success nonsense! By the way, did you see the latest episode of Lost?

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  3. Sweetheart

    24. Aug, 2007

    Lesson #8: Wait to start a project, because NOW isn’t the right time, or because you aren’t ready yet. You might have grand plans and billion dollar ideas, but you might not be ready to implement them just yet. Wait till ‘later’ or ‘soon,’ because in an ideal world, markets don’t change, and shit does NOT happen. Besides, you will get to it eventually right? so what’s the rush?

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  4. Jason Martin

    25. Aug, 2007

    Lesson #9:

    Start with a black hat. Every time you have a negative thought about business, write it down on a small piece of paper and put it into the hat.

    Each morning reach into the hat and take one piece of paper. If the thought is positive, start your day. If it’s negative, stay in your pajamas and watch movies.

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  5. Nestor

    28. Sep, 2007

    Ha ha, that’s a good one. me I sort of have the 4 hour workweek figured out, the only hitch being my income is hardly stable. Maybe I should’nt have downshifted quite so much.

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  6. ttt

    23. Oct, 2007

    ha ha ha

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  7. Rex Reed

    19. Dec, 2007

    Hah! Hilarious. Well, I’ve dived into the shallow end and tried my hand at shrinking my time. If I fail, I’ll do what you suggest and try expanding it.

    I finished this book and found it inspiring enough to want to change my life to manage my time better and become a PARALLEL entrepreneur (who needs Serial?).

    As such, I’m documenting and journaling my journey from 40 hour a weeker to 4 hour a weeker on my blog at I’d love to get your feedback, encouragement, or discouragement as I attempt to radically change the way I spend my time.

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  8. Dwight Z.

    25. Mar, 2008

    My experience in observing those striving for a 100 HOUR WORKWEEK is that they are continually “GETTING READY TO GET READY”. Nothing beats “GETTING READY TO GET READY TO GET OUT OF BED”. dz

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